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Splashes of Life

What can I say? I went to the Taste 3 days this year and had a blast! I do admit that 3 days was a lot! I saw the fireworks on the 3rd. Then, there was the Sheryl Crow concert on the 5th which was great! On the 6th, I went crazy on food and got to see and meet Alice Peacock. Here's some pictures from the week.

At the taste on 07/03/03 enjoying food, fun, and fireworks.

A front row view of Alice Peacock performing over at the Fox Bandstand when she was performing LIVE on Fox!

Pictures from July 6th

Alice Peacock performing in the Petrillo Band Shell

And of course my crazy mom freaked when she saw Alice walking by at the back of the stage with her crew who was moving all her equipment off stage into the van. She had to flag her down and the way she did so was a little embarassing. Otherwise, I was happy to get to chat with her again. :)


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