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Splashes of Life


Unfortunately my scanner isn't compatible with Windows XP so I can't currently scan any pics. Have no fear! I started bringing my digital camera around with me. I just added pics from the Taste of Chicago 07/03/03 & 07/06/03.

Pictures from the Taste! Click to enter

Photos from the Kenny Chesney concert 03.14.03

At the Lincoln Park fest in June '03 with Alice Peacock. She remembered me! Not only did she put on a great show, but she actually remembered my name and that I went to school at Purdue. Alice rocks! I highly recommend you check out her music if you haven't already!

That's not exactly a clear picture, but that's me with my mom. We stopped literally in the middle of nowhere on a side road on our way from Calgary to Edmonton just to take a picture. Talk about an open field! I'm such a city girl, but this place is just gorgeous. :)


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