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Splashes of Life

Still fixing up around here.

In the meantime, here's a little more on me. My name is Kim, I'm 20 and I'm from Illinois, more specifically, the Chicago suburbs. I enjoy playing sports, and watchimg sports, especially football, baseball, figure skating, running, dance, listening to music, playing the piano, going to sporting events and attending concerts.

Now I know I'm not being very original here, but I copied and pasted a survey with my answers so you'd get to know me a little more.

What is your full name? Kim*******. If you know me, then you'll know my full name.

Nicknames: Kim, Kimmy, Kimber

Birthdate: April 18

Sex: female

Social Security: Haha. That's personal information for me to know and no one else to find out.

Where were you born? The common place of births, a hospital. Okay, okay, I was born in the city of Chicago.

Where do you live? Small suburb of Chicago, IL

What school do you attend? Purdue

Siblings and their ages: none

Horoscope: aries

Righty or Lefty: lefty

Hair color: black

Eyes: dark brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: Is this really something I want to disclose? Probably not. My BMI barely reaches average for my height. So ,if you know what the average BMI is for my height you can estimate my weight. Heh. All that for a 3-digit number?

Do u wear contacts or glasses? Both. I'm always wearing contacts in the summer, but if you see me often at school, I'm usually wearing glasses.

Do you have any piercing? my ears

Where do you want more if you do? maybe another ear piercing?

Do you have a tattoo? I don't find it worth getting.

If so what and where, if not, do you want any? Don't want one.

Do you wear any rings? Occasionally a toe ring. I've got other rings I wear on my fingers, but I always misplace them.

What shoes do you wear? I own so many pairs of shoes. Anything in style, comfortable, you name it.

Do you have a certain fashion you follow? Not really. I like being trendy, but I don't usually buy trendy clothes that go out of style right away. I like anything comfortable.

How are you today? Tired. I'm filling this out on the 4th of July where it's about 95 degrees outside. Oh so hot and humid! I'm also full. I ate too much food for one day.

What pants are you wearing right now? I'm wearing a denim skirt.

What shirt are you wearing right now? A baby tee that reads Sayanora Tokyo.

What does your hair look like at the moment? half-up.

What was the last thing u ate? cherries

How is the weather right now? Sunny! The severe thunderstorms missed us so it's a sunny independence day. It's too hot outside though.

Last person u talked to on the phone: Interesting... my aunt called right before I got to this question.

Last Dream you can remember: I'll have to get back toyou on that one.

What are the last four digits of your phone number? Prefer not to answer!

If u were a crayon, what color would u want to be? An ugly color. I wouldn't want to be overused and abused.

How do u eat an Oreo? I don't like Oreos.

What makes u happy? music, friends, sports, and being able to go shopping!

What religion/denomination are you? roman catholic

Have u ever won any special awards? Yeah, academic stuff and lots of music awards from band and piano.

What are your future goals? GET INTO PHARMACY SCHOOL

Do u like to dance: love to dance! It's a favorite hobby of mine.

Worst sickness u ever had? I guess pneumonia.

What's the stupidest thing u ever done? I've done so many stupid things...

What's your favorite memory? I really can't name one in particular.

If u could change one thing about yourself what would it be: I'm not really sure...

Where do you shop? Rampage, Charlotte Russe, Carsons, Nordstrom, AE, Urban Outfitters, Target... I get most of my clothes from those stores. I also like vintage clothing stores. I like vintage shirts. :)

How many kids do you want to have? 2 or 3

Son's name? It changes everytime I discover another cute name. Currently, I like the names Tyler, Garret, Dylan

Daughter's? Same as with a boy's name. It changes everytime I discover another cute name. Isabella, Hailey, Jenna, Faith, Autumn...

Do you do drugs? No

Do you drink? Well, I drink everyday... what? you think i'm talking about alcohol? i drink water everyday :)

What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? garnier fructis stuff or paul mitchell tea shampoo and conditioner since it does wonders on my hair!

What sport do you hate the most? Boxing and Wrestling not that interesting.

What are you most scared of: failure

How many TV's do you have in your house? 2 work properly, 3 others are broken.

Do you have your own phone line? I only have one line in the house. I have my own cell phone, does that count?

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: no

Place for a dream home?? Hmmm...

Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: Sprain- yes

Who do you dream about: everything

Who's the loudest friend you have: So many!

Who's the quietest friend: uhh....

Is cheerleading a sport?: Well, considering how I was a cheerleader for so many years, I would have to say YES to that.

How many licks does it take to get to the center? I have yet to try that.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? egg

Do you believe in Love? sure

Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? no

Do you have a crush? sure

Who is your crush? sure

Did you send this to your crush? n/a

Do you believe in Love at first sight? well, I haven't experienced it.

Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? somewhere exotic, yet romantic. Europe is good too :)

What song do you want played at your wedding? Wow. Not something I think about!

What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes, smile, you know, the looks...

Longest crush? um...

Who do u want to spend the rest of your life with? I'm not quite at the age where I would know about that yet! I haven't quite found that person!

Do you find yourself attractive? Not exactly...

Do you find yourself ugly? Yes/No

Do others find you attractive? I guess? Except I always get the not so attractive people hitting on me. At times, it's disgusting.

Making out with Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie? Yuck! I can't even think about that!

Having your tonsils or appendix removed? not so sure

Lights on/off?:? depends

Do u like snow, sun or rain?? all 3, depending on my mood and what time of year it is.

Mickey D's(McDonalds) or BK(Burger King): I try and stay away from fast food.

Do u like scary or happy movies better? happy

Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC? I'm really not into that kind of music.

On the phone or in person? in person

Paper or plastic? plastic, but don't give me the cheap plastic.

Pepperoni or sausage? pepperoni, but I'd rather go without either one.

Summer or winter? summer

Hugs or kisses? both

Chocolate or white milk: just give me the plain white milk

Root Beer or Dr. Pepper:? I don't like either

Glass half full or half empty? half full

CD or Tape: CD

Tape or DVD: DVD

Cats or Dogs: dogs. i've got severe allergies when it comes to being around cats.

Vanilla or Chocolate: vanilla

skiing or boarding: Skiing. I love going skiing during the winter. As for anything involving a board, whether surfing or snowboarding, I can't seem to master staying on the board!

Day or night: daytime, but i do enjoy a good night of partying.

Cake or pie: cake

Silver or gold: well i usually wear silver jewelry

Diamond or pearl: diamonds

sunset or sunrise:?sunset

Color: blue

Food: filipino, italian, someone who can make a good homemade meal. :)

Fast Food? I try to stay far away from it.

Candy: gummi bears/worms, and snickers are a fav snack of mine during study breaks.

Beverage? water, iced tea

Ice Cream Flavor: green tea, mint chocolate chip

Sport? i'm such a sports fanatic. figure skating, cheerleading, football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, you get the picture...

Athlete? Jamie Salé & David Pelletier, Michelle Kwan, Alexei Yagudin. If you haven't already noticed or known, I'm a big fan of figure skating. :) I can't forget baseball, I love the A's! Zito, Mulder, Chavez, Ellis, Hudson, to name a few. Of course since I did grow up on the southside of Chicago, I like the White Sox. At one point I was obsessed with Frank Thomas. Except when I was young I used to get more excited when I could see the fireworks out of my window when someone hit a homerun than I did about the actual game! Oh, how can I forget those Cubs pitchers? Kyle Farnsworth, Mark Prior, Kerry Wood... Actually, the whole Cubbies team. Don't get me wrong, I may have my southside pride, but any team from Chicago is a favorite team of mine. Well, if the White Sox play the Cubs, then that's a different story...

Fave type of music? folk rock, some pop, alternative rock, classic rock, country, jazz, a little of everything

Radio Station: 94.7 The Zone (WZZN), Q101, The Mix, 101.9 (WTMX), US99 (WUSN), 106.7The Fish, 100.3... but i'm not a big radio listener. I only listen in the car.

Song: many many

Band/Singer: foo fighters, third eye blind, dixie chicks, avalon, jewel, alice peacock, liz phair, bush, our lady peace, chantal kreviazuk, nina gordon, kenny chesney, martina mcbride, sara evans, carolyn dawn johnson, audioslave, trapt, incubus, jars of clay, nichole nordeman, guster, garbage, tara maclean, guster, john mayer, dave matthews band, melanie doane, franky perez, jason mraz, sister hazel, josh groban, diana krall, sarah brightman, and that's just a few...

Number: 9, 32 has been lucky for me...

Fav. day of the year? fridays, playing lazy on sundays, but for me, i play lazy every day of the year.

TV Show; Trading Spaces, Sex and the City, Friends, ER, The Practice, CSI, Ed, Sports stuff

Store to shop at? Wasn't this question already asked?

Scent: anything that doesn't make me sneeze

Board Game: monopoly... cranium is starting to make its way to the top. Otherwise, I don't really play board games.

Saying: That's crazy.

Loved somebody soooo much it makes you cry? no

Smoked? NO

Drank? yeah

Dumped? kinda

Broke the law? not exact;y something i do on purpose

Ran from the cops? It's happened, but I didn't do anything wrong!

Stole something? nothing i would consider major. yeah, i've come home with a few pens and stuff from the office

Tried to kill yourself? nope

Made yourself throw up? nope

Been in love? no

Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? hahaha, i have.

Do you like filling these out? this one took too long.

What people are you sending this to? no one, it's on my website

Do u want your friends to write back? n/a

Who is least likely to respond: n/a

Who is most likely to respond? n/a

What first comes to mind: I'm hungry, lol

Other comments: Congrats on making it to the end! Thanks for actually taking the time to read what I filled out. :)

More on my likes and dislikes to come soon.

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