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Have you even seen The Dixie Chicks in concert? Maybe you've met them? Then share your story! Even if that doesn't apply to you, how did you first hear about them?? Share your story for other fans to read about. Send them to with the subject line "Fan Stories." Maybe you've taken a picture with them... If you did, you can send that to me too! I will post stories I receive on this page as soon as possible!

Stories sent in:


When I first heard the Dixie Chicks, I was in the middle of a VERY nasty split up with my ex. The song was "You were mine" and just the way that that song connected to me because my ex did leave me for another girl, in fact someone we both worked with and it was so hard but it gave me a sence of what was going on no matter how painful it was to let go. But then I heard the song "Let 'er rip" and that's what finished the healing proccess for me. I was so fed up with the head games he was giving me and just felt like telling him, hey, if it's over then, end it, quit wasting my time. Do it, get it over with. It was awsome because of how powerful I felt everytime I listened to this song and how in control of the situation I felt. I finally blew his mind when I was the one who walked away and with most of his friends behind me to boot. It was awsome. But I have no hard feelings towards them for the comments made and I'll continue to be a fan and I don't care who doesn't like it. Their songs gave me the emotional support I needed and I'll be damned if I turn my back on them now. Sincerely a fan, Tparker 4-6-03

I met the Dixie Chicks in New York on the Today Show and got interviewed by Al R oker. I also met Natalies sister Kim, son Slade, makeup artist, Martie, Emily,and Emilys friend and Natalies aunt. It was awesome and they are soo sweet.

-Jennifer Lynne

Back in Feb. of 2000 Steve(my husband) & I were starting our own stock car racing team, but we were having a hard time finding a name for our team. Steve was on leave one week and we got to spend extra time together. Everywhere we went I had a pen and notebook playing with names. One day it hit me. Everytime we had gotten in the truck that week the song Ready To Run was on the radio.We came up with Ready To Run Racing, R.T.R. Racing for short. It was a big hit at the local track where my husband & 16yr.old son Raymond race.The announcer always plays Ready To Run when they come out on the track.The fans go wild. We live about 20 minutes from Corpus Christi ,that's where we race at.We have four children and we have been married for 12 years. Steve has been in the U.S Navy for 15 years and planning to retire in 5yrs. at the age of 39. My wish is to someday share our story with the Dixie Chicks. -Michelle

The very first time I found out about the Dixie Chicks was when I saw the video Wide Open Spaces on CMT. Now all of my friends are like totally into the Dixie Chicks cause of me. They like totally rock!!! I've been to their concert twice.

About a year ago, a few months before the Chicks shut down their e-mail address, I wrote to them about how Wide Open Spaces had moved me, and I got a response within a few days. It was obvious that they had actually read the message, because the response was very personal. It was signed Natalie, Emily and Martie. It made me really happy. -Katie

I had heard of The Dixie Chicks when they first came out with "Wide Open Spaces". I got more invovled when I was deciding to divorce and Wide Open Spaces really hit home. Then I bought the "Fly" CD and I dreamed of getting on my "Sin Wagon" and finding me a "Cowboy to Take Me Away". Knowing that the Chicks had familiar situations with divorce I felt like they were my crutch. They made it and with the help of that and the songs, I made it too. I am happy to say I rode that sin wagon for a little while but now I have settled back down with that special cowboy. I have become such a great fan. I clean, workout, sing, karaoke, and just relax with their music. It has really made me a different person and I can't wait to see them Oct 21 in Charleston, WVA. -Missy, 25


After a relationship of 2 years, I was heart broken to find out I was being
cheated on and then left for the other woman. You Were Mine touched my
heart. I've cried to this song, I've vented anger to this song. I've
laughed at how lame I felt to this song. This song has definately moved my
life and helped me to move on with my life. Thank you Dixie Chicks for
singing this what it seems is..Me. -Kimmy 2/13/01


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